Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light
Open Led Neon Sign Light

Orant Neon

Open Led Neon Sign Light

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Size:65cm | 26in
Color:Hot Pink

When you're in business, first impressions count. If this is the case, an Open LED Neon Sign Light is more than just a sign - it's an invitation. With its bright and colorful lights, the sign beckons customers to come in and experience the magic inside. So, let your customers know that you're open and ready to serve.

What does this neon sign bring to you? 

The design of an Open LED Neon Sign Light is perfect for bringing a sense of warmth and hospitality to any space it's displayed in. Its eye-catching and colorful lights catch the attention of passersby and create a sense of excitement and anticipation. 

Open LED Neon SignThe sign can also serve as an invitation to potential customers, inviting them to come in and explore what the business has to offer. The energy-efficient LED technology used in the sign make it a practical and cost-effective lighting solution. 

Open Neon SignIf your friends are going to open their businesses, why don't we give them something interesting, such as this custom neon sign? It not only looks great but is practical, indicating that their business is open and ready to serve customers. 


The Open neon sign light is energy-efficient. It means that you won't have to worry about electricity bills when running your business. Also, made with durable materials, this LED neon sign lasts at least 15 years, saving you time for maintenance or even repair. 

Open LED Neon Sign LightFor other specification of the sign, let's check out the Description Table below. 

Product type

LED Neon Sign

  • Materials

PVCs and Acrylic

  • Input - Output

AC 100-240V - 12V 5A

  • Colors


  • Plug


  • Life Span

More than 50.000 hours

  • Warranty

2 years

  • Adapter


  • Power Supply


Besides, all products will be equipped with:

  • 100% Shipping Insurance.
  • 24-month International Manufacturer Warranty.
  • A wall mounting kit.

Where to buy? 

To serve as a visual cue to potential customers and indicate that your business is available to welcome visitors, let's place an order. Don't require high energy, repair, or maintenance. Then, why wait? Let ORANT NEON take your business sales to new heights and maximize your brand's visibility with our Open LED neon sign.