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Are custom neon signs expensive?

Neon lovers usually ask: Are custom neon signs expensive? In fact, Custom neon signs are often associated with vibrant and eye-catching images that are often prized for their artistry and ability to attract attention. They are gradually becoming a popular choice for businesses that want to attract customers. However, their cost can be high for small business owners or those with limited budgets, making it difficult for them to make purchases.

Why are custom neon signs so expensive? 

The cost of custom neon signs can vary depending on many different factors such as: size, complexity of design, materials used and the manufacturer or supplier you choose. In general, custom neon signs tend to be more expensive than standard pre-made neon signs because they require specialized craftsmanship and customization. 

Custom neon signs are typically priced based on factors such as: length of the neon tube, number of bends or shapes needed, complexity of the design, and any additional features or customization options. Additionally, larger and more complex designs will often incur higher costs.

are custom neon signs expensive

Custom signs are made with expensive materials 

Neon signs are made from special glass tubes used in neon lights which are fragile and require careful handling. This material must be purchased and fabricated to specific requirements for each sign, increasing production costs.

The process of bending and welding glass tubes according to design requires high technology and professional skills. This adds to the labor costs and time required to produce and install neon signs

Not only that, neon lights use neon gas or other gases such as argon and krypton to create light effects. These gases are highly reactive and should be handled carefully and safely. So, supplying, handling and containing these gases during production requires special equipment and processes. Because of these factors, costs would be higher. 


If you require a special appearance such as complex handwritten characters, complex images. This may require additional time and effort to manufacture and bend to the desired design. Additionally, the use of special colors or color conversions in neon lights can also increase costs. Because it is necessary to use different glass and gas tubes.

Size of the sign 

The price of the sign will become more expensive when you order a large size sign. The cost of a sign depends greatly on the size you choose. Therefore, consider this factor when choosing a sign. You need to choose the right size for your room space, don't make it too big or too small. Because of this, it not only affects the cost but also affects the aesthetics of the room.

Additional features of custom signs

When you add additional features like waterproofing, backlighting or halo lighting to your neon sign. This can increase production time and use more resources. 

When deciding on additional features for neon signs, consider your needs and set priorities. Depending on the intended use and where you want to place the sign, you can choose the best option that suits your budget and requirements. 

To get an accurate idea of ​​the price for a custom neon sign, it is best to contact several neon sign manufacturers or suppliers and provide them with your requirements and design ideas. From your specific design, neon sign makers can provide you with a quote based on your unique needs. It's worth noting that while custom neon signs may be more expensive, they offer a unique and visually impressive way to showcase your brand, business or personal message. If you're on a budget, you can also consider alternatives like LED signs, which can offer similar aesthetics at a potentially lower cost.

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