Can neon signs kill you? 

Neon signs have become an indispensable part of the decoration and advertising of many businesses. With colorful lights and striking effects, neon signs attract everyone's attention. However, there are rumors circulating that neon signs can be dangerous and even fatal. In this article, we will find out the truth about whether neon signs can kill you.

Can neon signs kill you? 

Neon signs are unlikely to kill people if used and maintained properly. It is a safe decoration and advertising technology and brings many aesthetic benefits to businesses and users.

The operating principle of neon signs is not dangerous to humans. However, as with any type of electrical equipment, proper use and storage is important to ensure safety. If a neon sign is damaged or not installed and maintained properly, it can create a safety risk. High voltage can cause electric shock if in direct contact with the user, therefore installation and maintenance of neon signs should be performed by experienced people who understand electrical safety rules.

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How to safely use neon signs?

The correct use and storage of neon signs will not pose a direct threat to human health and safety. Neon signs work under high voltage, but the current they generate is usually low and not considered fatal. However, when handling any electrical equipment (including neon signs), care must be taken and safety instructions must be followed.

Electrical safety

Neon signs require a high voltage power source to operate. To avoid electrical hazards, it is important to ensure that signs are properly installed by a qualified professional. Additionally, always follow any safety instructions provided by the manufacturer when handling or maintaining signs.

Physically safe

Neon signs are made of gas-filled glass tubes, which can break easily. If the sign is damaged or broken, it may pose a risk of cuts or injury from broken glass. It is important to handle neon signs with care and avoid any harsh or excessive contact that could damage the tube.

Fire safety

Neon signs do not emit heat, so they are relatively safe in terms of fire and explosion risks. However, it is still important to ensure that the sign is installed away from flammable materials and that the electrical connections are secure and not exposed to potential sources of ignition. 

It should be noted that while neon signs themselves are not dangerous, improper installation, maintenance, or tampering with electrical components can pose a safety risk. You should consult installation, maintenance and repair experts to ensure safe operation of neon signs.

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