"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign
"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign

"It Was All A Dream" Neon Sign

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Size:60cm (2ft)
Backing Style:Cut to Shape

It Was All A Dream Neon Sign For Home Decor 

Check out that it was all a dream neon sign from Orant Neon. With this stunning sign, you can make a statement in the decor of any space and create the atmosphere you've always desired.

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1. The meaning of the neon sign it was all a dream

It's just a dream, it'll be over soon. The sign reminds you of the difference between dreams and reality. It's a beautiful scene ahead, but you woke up; it was just a dream.

2. Material of neon lights

Neon lights are made from durable, eco-friendly neon rubber tubes. The lamp has a power cord approximately 5 meters long with the appropriate plug for each type. Especially, you can adjust the brightness with the remote control.

Besides, the "It Was All A Dream" light includes accessories & cords:

  • Standard mounting kits allow the sign to sit 1in or 2.5cm off the wall.
  • Mounting kits are also available in silver, black and gold.
  • Extended mounting kit available for a 2.4in or 6cm offset.
  • Hanging wire kits are primarily used to hang signs from the ceiling.
  • Standard hanging wires are 6ft 5in or 2m. Longer wires are available upon request.
  • Longer exit cord available upon request.

3. The collection "It was all a dream" was chosen by many people

The It was all a dream neon sign collection is the perfect addition to any room that needs a touch of light. Here are some of the best models in the collection

3.1 It was just a dream neon sign restaurant

This neon sign are great addition to any restaurant. It's eye-catching and adds some whimsy to the space. This sign is sure to put a smile on your guests' faces and remind them of the good times they had at your restaurant.

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3.2 It was all a dream led sign bedroom

This neon sign is perfect for the bedroom. The sign is made of durable material, making it ideal for indoor use. It's a perfect nightlight, great for sleeping.

3.3 It was all dream neon sign decor

The LED neon signs can be used as wall décor. Its warm, inviting light will enliven the atmosphere, improves the vibe, and electrifies the room.

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4. It was all just a dream neon sign custom ideas

Do you have any unique idea for the It was all just a dream neon sign? Orant Neon can bring your imagination to life with neon light design.

4.1 What colour options are available?

We have a selection of 12 colours for our LED neon sign. Those colours are: red, green, blue, teal, pink, light pink, purple, yellow, orange, ice blue, white & warm white. On request, we also provide RGB Multicolor Changing LED signage.

4.2 Can I use my font?

On the website, you may use our pre-installed typeface. If you'd like a special font, contact us, and our designers can help you make a design that works with your font's capabilities.

5. Neon signs it was all a dream battery operated

We have the battery pack option for your custom design if suitable. The battery-operated light up sign will make it highly portable and give you the flexibility to use it versatile.

6. The price list of "It was all a dream" is now on the market

The price can differ according to the font, size, level of design intricacy, and overall length of Neon utilized. We are pleased to provide you with a price if you contact us by phone at (678) 679-7836 or by email at custom@orrantneon.com.

7. Where to buy "all just a dream" lights?

If you want to buy an "it was all a dream" neon light high-quality for your home or business; Orant Neon can help you with that. We offer pre-made lights and also let you customize them to fit your specific needs. We have happy customers everywhere:     

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The US

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    8. Some frequently asked questions about neon lights "It was all a dream"

    8.1 What’s the energy consumption of a neon sign?

    The lamp "It was all a dream" has about 50,000 hours of lighting with extremely impressive colours on average. This means that if you run the lights for 5 hours a day, the energy consumption can last up to 30 years.

    8.2 Are your neon signs easy to hang and set up?

    Neon lights are easy to hang and install, just choose a space on the wall & use the stainless steel bracket to transform your space.

    It was all a dream neon sign is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of dreamy mystery to their décor. The vibrant, eye-catching, and elegant light makes it the perfect addition to any room and space. The sign is available at Orant Neon. Get yours now!