It Was All A Dream
It Was All A Dream
It Was All A Dream
It Was All A Dream
It Was All A Dream

It Was All A Dream

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Size:60cm (2ft)
Backing Style:Cut to Shape


Check out that It Was All Just A Dream neon sign from Orant Neon. With this stunning sign, you can make a statement in the decor of any space and create the atmosphere you've always desired.

It's just a dream, it'll be over soon. The sign reminds you of the difference between dreams and reality. It's a beautiful scene ahead, but you woke up; it was just a dream.

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Tech specifications of neon sign

  • Size: Neon lights custom as your request (Minimum size of a letter is 4CM)
  • Flexible Size Neon Sign: (Width x Height): Dimensions (6 x 12mm) or (8 x 15mm)
  • Neon Light Flex Jacket: White coat (White display off) / Color jacket (Color display off)
  • Neon Color LED: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Warm white, Light pink, Yellow, Lemon yellow, Ice blue, Purple, Pink
  • Next round: 5mm . Acrylic Sheet
  • Acrylic board color: Transparent/black/color
  • Guarantee: 24 month
  • Backboard shape: Cut to Shape, Square Back, Invisible Acrylic
  • LED Power Adapter: Standard 230v or 110v LED power adapter
  • AC power plug: EU / UK / AU / US plug
  • Main part: Acrylic sheet, Neon flex, Power supply, Installation accessories
  • Transparent cable: Approx. Length 2m (from LED sign)
  • AC power cord: Approx. 1.5m long (from transformer)
  • Installation method: Mount (on the wall) or Hang by rope (on the ceiling)

It Was All Just A Dream neon custom ideas

Do you have any unique idea for the It was all just a dream neon sign? Orant Neon can bring your imagination to life with neon light design.

What colour options are available?

We have a selection of 12 colours for our LED neon sign. Those colours are: red, green, blue, teal, pink, light pink, purple, yellow, orange, ice blue, white & warm white. On request, we also provide RGB Multicolor Changing LED signage.

Can I use my font?

On the website, you may use our pre-installed typeface. If you'd like a special font, contact us, and our designers can help you make a design that works with your font's capabilities.

FAQs about neon It Was All Just A Dream sign

Neon signs It Was All Just A Dream battery operated

We have the battery pack option for your custom design if suitable. The battery-operated sign will make it highly portable and give you the flexibility to use it versatile.

The price of It Was All Just A Dream neon lights

The price can differ according to the font, size, level of design intricacy, and overall length of Neon utilized. We are pleased to provide you with a price if you contact us by phone at (678) 679-7836 or by email at

What’s the energy consumption of a neon sign?

The lamp "It was all a dream" has about 50,000 hours of lighting with extremely impressive colours on average. This means that if you run the lights for 5 hours a day, the energy consumption can last up to 30 years.

Are your neon signs easy to hang and set up?

Neon lights are easy to hang and install, just choose a space on the wall & use the stainless steel bracket to transform your space.

Where to buy It Was All Just A Dream sign?

If you want to buy an "it was all a dream" neon light high-quality for your home or business; Orant Neon can help you with that. We offer pre-made lights and also let you customize them to fit your specific needs. We have happy customers everywhere:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • The US

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All orders are processed and ready to be shipped within 5-7 business days upon receipt of payment. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

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    It was all a dream neon sign is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of dreamy mystery to their décor. The vibrant, eye-catching, and elegant light makes it the perfect addition to any room and space. The sign is available at Orant Neon. Get yours now!