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Custom neon sign Houston are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to make a lasting impression. It can help your business stand out from the crowd and give it the edge it needs to succeed. Let's read the information below to discover more about neon signs in Houston from Orant Neon.

1. Best custom neon sign Houston

Are there any stores you own in Houston, Texas? We are a neon sign firm that works with companies to use LED neon lights to highlight cityscapes and roadways. Neon light signs may be found throughout Houston.

For instance, we have clients in Houston Heights' Asch Building. The Art Deco-styled commercial structure was constructed in 192, and formerly housed a grocery store. We also created a unique neon sign for Madera Companies, a Lubbock, Texas-based real estate investment firm.

custom neon signs in Houston

Custom neon signs Houston are currently put in many shops

Also, they have locations close to Dallas and Houston. Based on their logo, we made a unique sign they can use for their film or office decor.

We have Houston skyline city neon lights for you, regardless of whether you miss Houston, Texas or simply want wall décor inspired by it. Adorn your apartment or your Houston store with these signs to bring a trendy element of the city inside.

custom neon lights Houston

Orant Neon has Houston skyline city neon lights for clients

A common technique to give a doorway for a business some visual interest is using Houston neon signage. Several companies like employing neon signs and exhibit them in their area, from pubs and restaurants to commercial structures.

Do you want to custom neon sign for a company? Hire a qualified company to create your neon sign right away!

custom neon light Houston

Custom neon light Houston draws patrons to its eateries and bars

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2. Advantages offered by custom neon signs in Houston

The fact that neon signs are visible in low light and use little energy makes them well-known in Houston.

It might be challenging to compete with businesses in a crowded city. So Orant Neon develops personalized neon signs based on your requirements and preferences. Our skilled designers and neon producers will precisely capture your design.

custom neon light sign Houston

You can customize the neon lights as you like

Increase foot traffic in your shop by installing LED neon signs!

  • Reduce Energy Use

Do neon signs use a lot of electricity? 75% less energy is used by LED neon than by other types of illumination.

  • Weather-Resistant

Our outdoor LED neon light signs can shine brightly and tolerate various temperatures.

  • Permanent Signage

How long does neon sign last? Our devices can operate for over 50,000 hours or up to 10 years.

  • Easy Installation

Neon signs that are lightweight and simple to install.

  • Expanding Your Market

An energetic store with neon signage outside or inside creates a warm atmosphere for your business.

  • Free Shipping

Our customers utilize the custom or readymade neon light signs we designed for their residences, occasions, businesses, and retail spaces. We provide bespoke neon signs and LED neon designs throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Make Up Your Tale

You may make your neon wall art as you like. Use a neon sign to express your personality or tale. See our collection and purchase the neon light that best meets your demands!

pink neon sign custom Houston

LED neon signs have a wide range of uses

3. The difference between LED & Glass neon sign custom Houston

Often, LED neon lights are less costly than glass neon signs. This is so that glass neon signs, or those used to make antique neon signs, may be made with the necessary tools and abilities to heat, bend, and bend glass tubes into the proper shapes and then fill them with neon gas. As the procedure is labor-intensive and the materials need more upkeep, LED neon lights are more affordable for the neon maker to produce.

Unlike classic glass neon signs, created with glass tubes and bent with heat, LED neon lights are frequently built of PVC. Compared to glass neon signs, LED neon lights are also more robust and energy-efficient.

great neon sign custom Houston

Most LED neon lights are made of PVC

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4. Why choose us for custom neon light Houston

You are still determining the best type of lit sign for your Houston restaurant. Orant Neon can assist you in making your selection. For your Houston bar, are you seeking a neon sign that will alternately illuminate several tubes to create the illusion that it's moving? We can create, produce, and install it for you.

The location where the renowned custom neon lights Houston are available nowadays is called Orant Neon. Their goal is to produce stunning and distinctive neon signs that capture the personality and spirit of their clients. Orant Neon wants to improve brand recognition in Houston by using media channels and interacting with influencers to increase product visibility.

All of your neon-lighted sign needs may be met at Orant Neon. Please contact us for additional information if you're interested in neon-lit signage.

price custom neon sign Houston

To select the ideal custom neon sign Houseton, go to Orant Neon

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